World peace begins

Recently a wheel chair bound World War II veteran made this simple, yet beautiful statement, “What ever you can do for peace, do it”. This is my contribution to peace.

Violence has many faces, it is not only the horrible acts committed by terrorists on others, it can also be the internal violence we commit on ourselves; and much more.

Throughout my life I was a extremely violent with myself until I had had enough of suffering and being hard on myself. We can all begin to see where we suffer and how violence contributes to this suffering and the affect this has on everyone and everything around us.

Violence is not seeing the deeper truth that lays at the heart in all religions.
Violence is not finding that profound truth in ourselves where love abounds.
Violence is not continually choosing for this love.
Violence is letting thoughts of low self-worth take hold.
Violence is blaming and not taking responsibility.
Violence is not forgiving and taking revenge.
Violence is evil.
Violence is being passive aggressive.
Violence is criticising and judging others.
Violence is waiting for someone or something else to change.
Violence is letting thoughts of hate, fear and anger fester.
Violence is letting doubts and fears suffocate our passion.
Violence is not seeing and appreciating the abundance all around us.
Violence is not taking the action for peace.
Violence is much more.

We can all take action right now for world peace by being gentle on ourselves and taking positive action to find the tender healing touch of love that lies deep within us all. We can all do this by listening more to the soft inner voice of our soul; it is a voice that will become louder with every choice for love; violence will continue, and history will just keep repeating itself without this choice.

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