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        A spiritually journey begins with the awakening of the spirit. It is a journey of inner transformation that has unlimited potential to change every aspect of the external world. It is an exciting path to enter but it can get challenging. Love Meditation gives you simple steps to transforms the challengers into opportunities of true growth.

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Are you feeling empty and want to experience something more than what you are experiencing now; Are you searching for the right practice that will show you the ‘how’; Are you unsure of what direction to take on your spiritual path; Are you even feeling desperate in your search for true meaning and purpose and don’t know where to look; Have you gone through a difficult time in your life and felt great pain and now you want to help and give to others but you are unsure and even frustrated on how to do this.

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There is a common pattern that spiritual seekers need to see and change at some time in their journey and that is the level of their self-belief and trust and self-love. Without these there is a tendency to stay codependent on whichever practice or process or teacher you choose and the empty, unsure, and even desperate feelings may persist.

The answer lies in what you focus on and what intention you have and how strong that intention is. When your intention and focus is on trusting in yourself and what you do, you cannot help but love yourself more for all your efforts. The steps or process of how to achieve this need only to be simple for you to find the emotional freedom and clarity of inner peace.

Love Meditation is a Positive Action Plan bringing

  • a clearer direction on your spiritual path
  • a true meaning and purpose
  • a deep trust in yourself
  • a stronger self-belief
  • clarity and emotional awareness

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“Stephen is a passionate personal growth coach. His lived experience has given him a deep understanding of behavioural patterns and the corresponding affect on our emotions and feelings. He is an excellent listener and offers positive solutions and conscious options to support you in your inner growth.”

Di shotDianne Gurnett, Script Editor, Sydney, Australia

“If you are dealing with inner pushback, if you are finding your life derailed by excuses, or if you feel you honestly aren’t valuing yourself enough, then I highly recommend talking with Stephen Connor. When it comes to breaking old patterns that are just causing you pain and confusion, Stephen’s process is a simple way to create more self-love and self-acceptance without a lot of struggle. His insight, deep knowledge and love-based philosophy are phenomenal, and his ability to see the root of the issue and give you a simple way to shift it is simply life-changing. You couldn’t be in better hands”!

Jana Beeman 1 Jana Beeman, Master Coach Vancouver, WA

LOve Meditation

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