The Mirror is the Truth


The Truth will set you Free

It is 4am, Aussie time, (the best time of the day, I tend to connect more with my soul in the early morning). I am sitting in my favourite writing chair and I am just about to write about ‘The Mirror’. Last night I spoke to my daughter about ‘The Mirror’, and I realised how important it is for us all to firstly understand and gain clarity with the concept of ‘The Mirror’, and then adapt it into our lives. It is Big, it is a life changer; for the better.
Being hard on ourselves is a common self-defeating problem. The good news is, we have the perfect indicator that will help give us a solution to this soul destroying human condition. The indicator is other people, and our interaction with them is the way to a better life.
Firstly, there is a need to have an unwavering intention to want to change and grow emotionally, internally and spiritually; because you might not like what you hear or see with ‘The Mirror’. Then there is a need to be fully responsible (no blaming others) and adapt those changes to create a more loving, compassionate and peaceful world around you. (the world is not going to change for you, you need to make the changes).
Now look into ‘The Mirror’. You may have someone that you hate, or dislike. (the degree doesn’t matter, it’s simply suffering for all involved). You may have suffered injustice of some sort, or you see something in others you don’t like, or you criticise, or are overly judgemental of others. You may have a family, or relationship battle going on, whereby all communication has ended, and you feel you are right and you firmly stand your ground. (nations do this and it is called War).
Now have a good look into ‘The Mirror’. Can you see something in the other person that you have in you? It might not be exactly the same but remember your intention.
Now, don’t go back to the first problem (being hard on yourself), you might not like a pattern you see in yourself, so be gentle on yourself. If you turn that around and look at what you see with a fresher and a more positive perspective, you will be shown exactly what you need to change about yourself. This is ‘full responsibility’, and if you focus on appreciating yourself for firstly looking into ‘The Mirror’ and then making the changes for the higher good, you cannot help but like yourself that much more. You then begin to end the pattern of being hard on yourself. You then let go of criticisms and judgements of others, and in turn you become lighter and more accepting. It can get challenging, but well worth the effort.
‘But wait, there’s more’. There is another added bonus. ‘The Mirror’ shows us we are all basically the same (Buddhism and Quantum Physics shows us as well). This is normality. Here is a question you could ask ourselves, “Am I moving toward a happier and a more caring, loving and compassionate life?” With the courage to be independent and create change, you will redefine normality, that’s big.
The word Sin has the original meaning of ‘missing the mark’ or ‘missing the point’; looking into ‘The Mirror’ requires a determined and dedicated accuracy.