The good guys vs the bad guys

In any given conflict who are the good guys and who are the bad guys? It seems that the bad guys think they are the good guys and when the bad guys do bad things the good guys think that the bad guys are just that, bad.
Whether the conflict is on a national, international or personal level, there is always violence of some sort. There is always the good guys and the bad guys and our minds create what is seemingly a situation of right or wrong. Do we have the capabilities to bring real change into any form of conflict? Conflicts seem like they are the problem, but could it be that the problem is simply the way we think?
What if we create a new way of looking at this scenario that just keeps repeating itself in our human history? What if the bad guys, and what they do, are an opportunity for us all to see something different? I think that you will agree, there is a strong need for a new approach and perspective on how we are ever going to move toward a more peaceful and harmonious world.
The bad guys do things that are excessively violent, but are the good guys violent as well? Violence is violence, even to the most subtlest or minutest of degrees. Being hard on yourself is a form of self-violence.
You could ask yourself, consciously, ‘Am I violent in any way?’ When you ask that question and then come up with an answer, an answer that makes you change, you have become a conscious human being that is ready for change. You have awakened your soul. Your soul can give you so much if you listen to it.
Do you think you are right in an argument? Do you feel the need to uphold what you believe in? Do you justify your actions, even if your actions are ones that hurt another, emotionally or psychologically, and maybe even physically? Have you ever suffered some form of injustice and felt the strong need for revenge, no matter how insignificant and harmless the revenge may seem?
There are a lot more questions that you can ask yourself, but if you are willing to do whatever it takes to raise your level of inner awareness and consciousness to stop the thoughts that create unnecessary suffering, then any questions of introspect need not be asked. By going inward you will find answers to end suffering.
I have created LOve meditation to make it easier for people to go inward, and change, and to finally awaken their soul.