The Choice for Love.

Choice is always our best teacher. Before a choice there is always a thought and this thought is influenced by what we absorb; whenever we choose we have a direct experience (our own personal growth guru). Direct or personal experiences become our own true and inspirational teacher and not something we have read or heard (absorbed).

In my blog, Conditions for Happiness, I had the direct experience of a choice, The Choice for Love. This simple, flick of the switch, choice changed my thinking and situation from the horribly repelling and self-defeating low energy of gloom, dread, anxiety, criticism, blaming, reasoning, analysing and stress into one of clarity, higher energy, thoughtfulness, caring, flowing, responsibility, understanding, compassion, happiness, joy, freedom and being in the moment. This is what you receive when you make The Choice for Love.

The Choice for Love is a choice for the wisdom, inspiration, creativity, and much more, that has been passed onto us from past courageous, eminent, distinguished and forward thinking teachers. No matter who this teacher is, or where they fit into our history, they all teach the Truth. What is the truth, it is simply Love. It is up to the individual to make The Choice for Love and have the direct experience of what that means.

The Choice for Love is where our true worth and meaning lies amid the suffocating constriction of our doubts and fears.

(The Choice for Love can get clouded with the negativity of past hurts and experiences, the free Self-Love eBook and previous blogs, like “More Love, Less Stress”, “The New Mind”, and others, at can help with that life changing and continually needed choice for love.)