Why do people suicide?

Last night I watched a documentary on suicide. It focused on the alarming, and increasing rate of male suicide. The question that kept popping up on the show was, “why is this happening and what can be done about it ?” The usual obvious answers, that most of us already know, were given. Answers like upbringing, manliness, ‘don’t cry’, and culture were given. Are these answers enough?
The host on the show had a close friend that committed suicide. His friend suffered, and now the host is suffering from the loss. Suffering makes us stand up and take notice, and it motivates people, like the host, to find answers. Suffering is the indirect answer to suicide and the fear that this ’sweep it under the carpet’ issue generates.
Over human history the answer to all our suffering has been given to us many, many times; so why don’t we listen? (Buddha simply made ‘the end of suffering’ his life’s purpose). The reason we don’t, or have not listened, is not important, what we can do now, is.
On the show there was a certain focus put on the construction industry, and the fact that men involved in this physically demanding work, were at the highest risk of all of committing suicide.
Whatever we do in life, our energies play a vital role. Energy levels would need to be high to work in the construction industry. Living in today’s world, with all the technology, social media and high paced lifestyles, takes up a lot of our thinking. Excessive thinking can drain our energy. If this happens to a construction worker, especially when this thinking becomes negative, the decision to suicide can then become a real option.
The decision to take one’s life interrupts, or takes over, the ruminating and soul destroying negative thoughts that cause a person to get to such a confused and painful mental state.
A decision to suicide creates clarity in an unbalanced and unclear mind, and it has a real power attached to it. It is the same power or energy that fuels our ego, our image, our identity and the ‘me’. Our need to be right is one of the aspects of the ego, and a decision to take your own life is just that, it feels the right thing to do. Suicide is one of the most obvious observations of how the mind uses its host, or simply and collectively put, how the mind uses us.
To kill yourself is excessive, and all excesses are obvious. The answer to the question, “why do people suicide”?, is the overly excessive attachment to the ego and its thoughts. The solution is to watch your thoughts, and to create the ability to use your mind, instead of the other way around. An increasingly popular way to do this is mindfulness through meditation. Mindfulness and meditation start by going inward and, with commitment, this brings the ability to watch your thoughts and choose for better, or more beneficial and positive options.
(Love Meditation is a simple practice that can be used throughout the day. The Open Place, is a great opportunity for men to open up and be themselves in a relaxed atmosphere).