Can we make a difference in the world as we grow in Self Love?

In his recent newsletter, the CEO of Doctors Without Borders, stated that the biggest problem facing the growing humanitarian crisis we see happening in the world is not drought, famine, poverty or starvation, but conflict.

The support and supplies that are needed in those areas where people are suffering, under horrific conditions, are hampered by warring parties. People cannot get supplies to grow their crops, and anything they do grow, or have of value, gets stolen or looted by these ideologically driven warring parties.

The original reasons for the wars in these areas often become distorted and complexed. As the fighting just goes on and on, it seems as if the different parties are just fighting for the sake of fighting.

Is the reason as to why this madness occurs?

Could it be that this madness is caused by people that do not feel good about themselves and have an unconscious excessive need to believe in something other that believing and trusting in themselves?

So what will it take to stop the fighting and give the innocent people a chance to live a peaceful existence?

If we look a bit deeper into our own mindsets, we may come up with the answers. That way we have the opportunity to change the common behavioural pattern of looking for our politicians and leaders or someone else to fix problems. Basically that puts the individual in control of their own destiny, making them more responsible, and therefore something to feel worthy about.

External conflict follows internal conflict.

Could it be that by resolving the internal conflicts we may have, our relationships will improve, thus leaving us with a good shot at creating a peaceful and harmonious world?

Could it be that simple?

Sometimes the simple answers are the hardest to see.

Of course, resolving our inner conflict is challenging, but is it worth every ounce of the effort to heal our internal turmoil and become aware of the way we are so hard on ourselves and the impact we have on everyone and everything around us?

When we love and value ourselves more, our internal conflicts lessen, and then in turn, our external conflicts have a chance to be resolved.

Is the internal conflict of not loving and valuing ourselves enough, like a major thorn in the side of world peace and the many other problems we face?

The problems are many but we need to start somewhere.

The individual can make a difference.

Could it be that by spreading the internal love we create and thus dissolving our external conflicts, we will set an example to others? Maybe even those that focus on ideals and outdated belief systems and perpetrate acts of aggression.

My newly revised ebook, Self Love, may give you the answers and inspiration to begin the purposeful and meaningful journey towards a life of growing internal gratitude, appreciation and love.

Our growth on that journey can be accelerated by changing our attitude to a life of gratitude.