Here is a story that shows how the simply act of giving and your present moment awareness can help to activate your own innate healing powers.

I am having heart issues and rather than fully rely on the doctors and tests I know the answers and solutions are within me (they always are). It is not so much about healing the physical but more about listening to your inner voice and aligning yourself to your true purpose and creating inner peace. Our bodies will eventually fail, ‘what will be your state of mind until that moment occurs?’

For me, the answers or solutions come from trusting in myself and my own innate healing power and where I put my focus. That focus is always about internal healing. This is a ‘win, win’ situation, the body has a greater chance of healing if you in a calm state.

What I am writing here is only a tip of the iceberg.

Diet and herbs and all the other natural healing modalities and contemporary medicine are wonderful, but to truly heal, there is a need to be present, with an acute observing inner awareness. This the essence of mind, body, spirit healing.

So here is the rest of the story.

Three days ago I was at Singapore airport waiting for a connecting flight to Germany. The day before I was prescribed beta blockers by a cardio specialist because of the positive tests and the increasing and debilitating symptoms I was having. After receiving this shock I was in doubt as to whether I should take the flight to German or not. I was scared but my focus, as always, was on the present moment, which involves going deeper into the emotion, the fear (our fears hold us back so so much).

Whilst waiting for the connecting flight my symptoms become very severe and I thought I would not be able to fly. After about ten minutes I noticed a woman lying face down on two chairs. She was very stressed and crying. I felt, and I knew I was there to help her and my focussed changed from my pain to her pain. I tapped her on the shoulder and within a minute she told me about her predicament and she began to open up. She held my hand and began to cry. She had horrible chronic digestive problems and was in deep pain. She had numerous tests and operations to try and fix her condition but her pain continued.

All she wanted was to have enough energy to look after her little daughter. As I gave her my attention, my severe symptoms and lethargy disappeared, I was giving of myself, which is a huge part of being present. Her energy and focus began to change also as I spoke to her.

We had connected on a deeper level and I left her with the words, “Trust in yourself, the doctors can only do so much, and the only way to trust is to keep trusting, no matter what, even if the answers or solutions do not come straight away”.
She asked me to pray for her and we said our goodbyes.
I hope this story helps you to change your focus whenever you are suffering. By trusting in, and giving of yourself, you are in the moment and your focus will change naturally.

Everyone has something to give. By valuing and loving yourself more you will feel worthy of what you have to give.