Oscar and Poppy set out on a quest that would take them into the unknown and deeper into the Here and Now. They would encounter many challenges and intense fears that would test them but they had faith in themselves and knew that together they would succeed and their courage would prevail.

They started down a dark path and it wasn’t long before they came across a divided track. One would take them along a river to the Broken Nose track, the other to the top of a magnificent mountain where the path is much harder but this is where they heard the Divine Master might live and they hoped that if they were prepared enough he would give them the wisdom to help them in their quest. Oscar looked at Poppy and without a word being spoken they both headed off up the mountain track for they both talked and dreamt about one day meeting the Divine master. They had built up enough mental muscle and physical strength to deal with any difficulties that lay ahead.

On their journey they came across deep ravines, steep passes, scary creatures, friendly natives, beautiful birds feeding their young and even some other brave adventurers that were pushing their limits.

In their backpacks they had some supplies of fresh fruit and water but it wasn’t long before they consumed all of this and so they began to doubt whether they could make it to the top as they still had a long way to go. Poppy said to Oscar. “We know from our experiences that if we let our doubts affect our decisions we will fall into the trap that many others have done and that’s to loose the belief in yourself.” They sat down and looked around them and they could sense from the natural beauty of the bush that belief comes to those that choose to grow more and more. They pushed on.


20As they rounded a huge sandstone boulder a strange noise echoed through the narrow path. Oscar was scared but a calming peace came over him when he saw a beautiful light shining from a nearby cave, Poppy felt this peace too. Could this be the Divine Master? They fell to their knees and felt a sensation running through their bodies, then a deep resonating tone was heard, “I am what you have dreamt about, you have followed your hearts and you are now home with me and it’s in coming home that true strength lies. You will now be given your own unique marks and a spirit name and it’s with these that you will be able to access secrets from the ancient scribes. Oscar, from now on you will be called Ghost Roaster and Poppy you will be called Acceptor of the Now. Know that it won’t be long and you will experience the first secret. The secrets are all what we already know but it’s with bravery and the want to be more that the secrets will now embed deeply into your being.” The Divine master then vanished.

19Ghost Roaster and Acceptor of the Now felt a renewed strength and pressed on and indeed it wasn’t long before they saw a bright glow in amongst the trees. Without hesitation Ghost Roaster ran toward the glow and picked up this perfect shaped orange ring. As soon as he touched it he new what it meant. He took it to Acceptor and he to touched it and said “This is the Ring of Change that the old story teller in our village told me about. He said that if you ever touch this Ring you will know what you need to change to help in your quest to go deeper into the Now.” Ghost Roaster said ” I will let go of the limits I put on myself, what will you change Acceptor ?” Acceptor answered, ” I will appreciate and love myself more”. They sat again and took in the beauty that surrounded them and they knew what this all meant.

Gaining an energy they had never experienced before they made there way upward and nothing seem to cause them any fear. Their belief in what could be achieved was very strong now, all they needed was to trust in themselves and set no limits. They soon reached the top of the mountain and Ghost Roaster looked out over the view and was taken by the vastness of the openness below. He saw a sign and it read Sublime Point, at which he said “We have reached the top of the mountain, truly a sublime point. I have realised another secret that really isn’t a secret but something we all know but need to learn over and over again and that is, it is not about the destination but the journey we choose to take and how we move through that journey “.

 16Aceptor said, “Lets rest for a bit and look for something that will give us more energy to continue on our journey “. They saw a small hut and with some small change that Acceptor had, they bought a maxibon and a weiss bar. Ghost Roaster thought of his journey and felt at peace with himself and said to Acceptor, “Another secret has been revealed to me, we are all divine spirits with infinite potential “. Acceptor thought about this for awhile and said, “I am ready to explore some more, lets go “, so they both walked down another path into the unknown.

Ghost Roaster and Acceptor of the Now hoped that many others will join them in their quest to go deeper into the now and let go of all limitations and maybe one day, just maybe, you will join them. You may even see them in your dreams as you come home to the Now, the only place we ever truly need and could it be, as Ghost Roaster said, that we are all Divine Spirits with infinite potential. We may even all be able to become Divine Masters, if we believe enough.


Ghost Roaster, a Divine Spirit with infinite potential