Our senses are filled with an abundance of creative potential that can be accessed in the blink of an eye. But we only tap into these uplifting parts of our being in minimal ways. Our senses can rejuvenate and transform our state of mind to heighten our awareness both internally and externally.

We have been blessed with many special individuals that inspire us and activate in us the gift of emotions. Songwriters and their producers are such people. They embed their heart and soul and deeper self into what they create and that resonates deep in us as well. Through music’s caress we connect on a purely open level. Music breaks down the barriers of our societal and cultural image, an image that we try to keep in place at all cost. This image can be like a soul destroying nemesis.

When we are in the grip of despair, with our pain and suffering reaching a critical threshold we can be inspired by those that want to help, support and share with us their energy and joy of life. Led by producer and artist Jhonny K Kvarfordt, the artist at http://arisewithus.com blend their inspiration, their musical creations, their stories and their energy into what can only uplift us to grow and be more, to experience and learn, to share and to love.

Jhonny’s platform is to reach out to those that have hit that critical threshold where life becomes just too hard. He wants to give them something to hold onto when it seems like there is nothing left to live for. Through his music, and the talented artist that surround him he wants us to tap into our senses and realise there is so much more to life than the illusion set by our our mind. The mind has been in control for a very long time, it’s time to listen to the heart. Music’s caress will touch our hearts.

(Please visit http://arisewithus.com to hear all the inspiring songs and find out about all the performer’s and their passion.)