The wealth of a nation seems so fragile with all the different ideas and opinions on what is the answer to a harmonious way of living. Political and economic analysts are very creative in ways of describing our present state and which is the way forward. Like a court battle over a deceased estate the use of a nation’s wealth and resources have extremely strong emotions attached to them. It’s makes for interesting reading but can there be a blend of all perspectives working toward a common goal and what is that goal? As far as economic growth is concerned I like the unique approach that the country of Bhutan adopt to gauge their economic wealth. In a world where growth is based on material gains they base theirs on Happiness. As the environment suffers under the extraction of resources and confusion reigns in the debate of the right way to progress towards a bigger national bank balance is it time to do something different.

There is a precious resource or power in all of us that is largely untapped and it’s only through doing something different, like Bhutan has, that this can be extracted. The resource is the human potential to evolve and grow and be more. Most of us undervalue this potential with the kinetic energy being lost. The question is, why don’t we tap into this resource? In a time when New Age and airy fairy ways are more acceptable looking outside the square doesn’t seem that radical any more, all it takes is the courage to change. It’s not a matter of changing others because that just does not work. Trying to change others and saving the world takes up far too much energy and, at best is like a very annoying party trick. There is an ignorant and at times an anxious resistance to change but the reality is that the only thing that doesn’t change is change. Everything external and internal shifts and moves and evolves but the mind tries to stay in control and keep things static. We all have the power to do what’s needed. We all have moments of brilliance when our power or wealth is exposed and to ignore this is missing the best investment of our lives.

Until now we have been under the illusion that we mainly progress in the materialistic approach. This is based on the reliance of an outside resource of which there is no lasting adaptable future. There is an attraction to this reliance, of which I am no exception, it is a matter of whether we are prepared to take full responsibility and rely more on our own resilience. Confidence in our abilities is like a wobbly intact edifice that is prone to crumble at the drop of a hat. Each one of us has the potential to gain riches from an internal exploration and stand alone in the acceptance of the unexpected. Expecting the unexpected is a heartening phrase to live by. Each day can have many unexpected events and the present moment can be like a roller coaster ride. Confidence comes when we throw our hands in the air and enjoy the ride. Then each day becomes brand new and we can create whatever we want with it.

The obstacles to moving closer to full potential is the all consuming self-sabotaging, pessimistic and negative thoughts that persist. These thoughts create disharmony and conflict and hinder real growth. They are also the catalyst for the fleeting ideas and opinions that stimulate further disharmony and conflict. Thoughts only have power if we give them power. The question is, are we ready to make deep change so we can see this.  Appreciating ourselves can expose our power. Our own value or wealth is then available to use. If our focus remains on our misused value we rely on our needs being met externally. Electing a new political party in the unconscious belief that they will do better or fix things is an example of relinquishing our power and value. This is a way of not taking responsibility thus leaving the door open for blame and unsubstantiated criticism. Outward criticisms are met with inward criticisms.

Astrologists are giving us an opportunity to think differently as they show us the road to a new era. They herald the beginning of the Aquarian Age and the end of the Piscean Age. This is an age of wisdom, peace and harmony. You could call this period the Age of Responsibility. An age where we don’t look outside of ourselves for the fulfilment of our heart’s desires, we just go deeper into the depths of our being to expose a natural resource. The beauty of this is that there is no detrimental effect on the environment. It’s a time to take action and not just gain more knowledge through the abundance of self-help books that are out there. External wealth and resources are gained through taking action but we lag behind poorly with our internal resources. We are all conscious of the illusion of materialism and the emptiness this brings but we keep holding onto our attachments with a herculean strangle hold. Even those that have enormous wealth say it’s not about the money but we keep money in the fore front of our insecure ways. Letting go of our attachments can be very challenging. It’s not a matter of letting the attachments go but the letting go of the thoughts that limit us to the belief that external wealth gives us what we truly want. The opportunities that are on offer in this Aquarian Age are numerous and if we are prepared enough to explore the power within us these opportunities will manifest.

As with all natural resources internal wealth has many by products. A major one being the healing of external separation and by that I mean the separation we have with everything and everyone around us. External separation is the main cause of conflicts and disharmony on a personal, national and international level. The beauty of healing external separation is that internal separation heals as well and we become that much closer to our true nature. Internal separation happens slowly over a life time and is the product of the need to survive the hostilities of the big bad world we encounter from a very young age. It’s a world fuelled by the effects of external separation and how we become separate from each other. Even though this happens the opposing pattern of trying then to attach ourselves to others is met with indifference depending on how strong our urge to be loved is. Healing internal separation basically means we feel better about ourselves and this promotes a feeling and a taste for the unity of all. As the saying goes heal yourself and you heal the world. Like any food we like there is a strong desire to taste it more and more. I am not saying anything new here I am just updating what has been said for thousands of years. It comes down to a simple fact of are we ready to change and explore the depth of our souls.

There is an obvious need for material wealth and resources to be appreciated and managed but to lessen the effect of differing opinions on this, moving toward a unified goal is essential. All that’s required is a conscious effort in dropping the ego and the need to be right and prove. Material wealth and resources can be likened to the ingredients of a cake. We can get great satisfaction out of the making and finally enjoy our unique creation. If we change and grow by using the abundance of our internal resources and wealth as well we can truly have our cake and eat it to.

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