Meditation is all about going inward to find inner peace and to gain the inner awareness to observe negative thoughts. Acute observing awareness, then gives you the ability to slowly let go of identification to any mind content that causes you to suffer, this is the experience of mindfulness.

Observing inner awareness takes time to develop. It is a constantly evolving journey that is worth every learning, challenging and growing moment.

You can practice meditation in different ways, and not only whilst in a comfortable position with your eyes closed. You can be meditating with your eyes open, when you are walking or participating in your favourite sport, activity or pastime, when you are interacting with others, or simply being present in your every waking moment. These all make up a meditative and an aware mindful lifestyle.

  • The Principle

    To gain self-reliance, self-confidence, independence and personal power. To focus inwardly. To watch your thoughts. To live from the heart with love and compassion and to live in abundance. To see and let go of the effects of your past so you can be present and thereby fast track your spiritual and soul’s journey toward inner peace.

  • The Commitment

    A strong willingness and intention to create peace and harmony and to raise your level of consciousness and inner awareness. To change and constantly grow toward the truth of who you really are underneath where any negative thoughts take you.

  • The Practice

    Daily meditation with the intention to the basics of  – Feel, Heal, Let Go and Love. (for more on this see below or click HERE)

Meditation Sequence (Basic)


Sit comfortably, close your eyes, say ‘Thank You’ three times. (this develops more appreciation in all aspects of life)

Then concentrate on your breathing and all your senses as you breathe in and out whilst letting go of the many thoughts that come. (It makes it easier to let go of your thoughts if you focus on your breathing).

– After about a 2 minute take a deep breath and say the mantra – ‘Love is Presence’ whilst putting your attention on your heart chakra (chest) region. Have a pause of a few seconds. (repeat the mantra ten times, and remember to focus on your breathing and let the thoughts pass through your mind).

– Now create your own mantra, depending on what is happening in your life. Here are some examples of self-mantras
If you want to forgive someone, you say ‘Love is forgiveness’
You may have doubts and fears about your process, so ‘Love is trusting’
You may be frustrated with someone and know they wont change, so ‘Love is acceptance’ or ‘Love is Surrender’ (you can also use this if you feel trapped and confused in any given situation).
You may feel depressed, so ‘Love is Joy’, or you may be suffering from an illness, so ‘Love is Healing.

Again each time you say the self-mantra take the words into your heart chakra (chest) region. Have a pause of a few seconds and repeat the mantra ten times and remember to focus on your breathing in between saying the mantras.

– Focus on your breathing again – take a deep breath and say the mantra – ‘Love is my life’ whilst putting your attention on your heart chakra (chest) region. Have a pause of a few seconds. (repeat this ten times).

Then go back to concentrating on your breathing for a minute or so and then say
‘I feel, heal, let go and love.’  (pause each time and again repeat this 5 times)

(It is a benefit to have an intention for your meditation, it is like a goal).

Here is the explanation of the four intentions,
– Feel and recognise all your emotions. For example, lets say you get angry with somebody, or you feel anxious, or sad for some reason – go inward and feel that emotion. It helps if you have someone you can talk to about what is happening to you.

–  Heal the relationship with yourself and others and also everything around you (the environment etc.) Take the action to create a peaceful environment.

–  Let go of the thoughts that cause you unnecessary dramas and suffering. Try not to hook into any negative thoughts.

–  Love yourself, love life and bring more appreciation, and create an aliveness, into whatever you do.

Try for at least 15 to 30 minutes meditation morning and evening.

Also throughout the day you can say ‘Love is my Life’ with your eyes opened to replace any negative thoughts, and try to focus on your breathing as much a possible (oxygen heals), and also be gentle on yourself.

This the basic method – for more advanced methods, understanding and explanation contact us or you can also watch this video.

“Love meditation” came to me one morning whilst I was meditating. The day before was a particularly stressful one. That stress was still with me when I woke, but it was quickly replaced with a deep peace as I began meditate. (That peace is still with me, it is my rock). Over the days that followed, the mantras seemed to naturally blend into my meditation ritual.

Mantras embed into our inner being and they, not only change our state of emotional and inner awareness, but they also change our physical makeup as well. Take a look at a video that shows the work of a Japanese scientist, Dr. Misuru Imoto. It shows us the transformational power of words.