Give and you shall receive.  What does it mean to give?

Here is a meaning of the word to give.

“Freely transfer the possession of (something) to (someone)”.

I prefer to use the words “unconditionally and freely”.

When we give are we truly giving or unconsciously expecting something in return? If there are subtle underlying conditions to how we give our expectations may not be met and this could lead to resentment. Our giving could then be full of compromising and we may miss out on what we truly want.

The first place to give is to consciously give to yourself, especially love. This might seem selfish but in essence it is the exact opposite.

“The most precious gift you can give is the internal love you are constantly nurturing” , (No Stone Unturned, The Path to freedom”)

It is extremely common to be hard on yourself. We impose so many conditions on ourselves and how we relate to our environment and those around us. We compromise in lots of ways and if this turns to resentment our relationships suffer. So if you give to yourself unconditionally you can then give unconditionally to others. If you do this you will receive in many unexpected ways.

To learn more about giving and conscious living contact me. I teach a lifestyle practice that places focus on how we give, especially to ourselves. LOve Steve. ( the big O is a hug )