There is a saying “heal yourself and you heal the world”.

Emotions are a doorway into the healing potential of our mind, body and soul. They are a portal into our inner being and the unknown, and sometimes, untapped depths of the mind. An open mind is like an open book, if there is no opening, the inside is left unexplored.
By becoming responsible for the emotional build up of our past we can begin to heal the scars that may form barriers to our present healing potential. The present moment is where everything happens. The past has brought us to where we are now and is to be appreciated for the learning experience that is was. If the future is directed to fear driven scenarios of what might happen, the joy of life is missed. The truth is, who knows what tomorrow may bring.
In taking responsibility for our emotions we are clearing an internal space we can fill with love. The first place we can direct this love is to ourselves. As our self-love grows so does our self-worth. We can then bring this into all our relationships. By feeling better about ourselves we naturally create a better world around us.
Self-love brings with it an energy that attracts. Low self-esteem carries the scars of a lifetime of hurts that are perpetuated by the opposite of a needy repulsive energy. With less need from the outside the inside heals naturally. An opportunity is created and our healing potential can be accessed.
Is healing the correction of imbalances of the physical world? When the spiritual part of us, or spirit body is a-livened and becomes the greater part of our main focus the fear surrounding any form of healing is lessened. With less fear and anxiety the physical body gains access to its healing potential.