The basis of Emotional Healing:

  • Presence – by creating the ability to be more present you are letting go of the past and not projecting into the future. This takes time, and patience is needed. A good way to be present is to say a mantra as much as possible throughout the day. Here is a simple mantra from ‘Love Meditation‘, Love is Presence”
  • The willingness to change, because the old way needs to blend in with a new way that you need cultivate.
  • The motivation to develop a more mindful lifestyle.
  • A meditative practice. Click for ‘Love Meditation’
  • Trust and belief in your own healing abilities. Medications and herbs help the body to heal, but most of the healing comes from your own body’s natural state, which you can get into better shape with more presence and mindfulness.
  • This is a very brief overview of Emotional Healing, the real healing begins when you take the action to change to become more present. My books ’50 Steps to Freedom’ and ‘Self Love’ and the soon to be released ‘The Reluctant Messenger’, all have a spiritual essence and presence to them.