Do you want to feel good about yourself?

On my morning walk I usually become very reflective and clear. This gives me an opportunity to watch my thoughts and clear my mind.

As I walk around the streets, I also have an opportunity to help clear the environment as well. Everyday I collect a certain amount of rubbish, but today was exceptional, and this inspired me to write this blog. (This image only shows a portion of the rubbish I collected today).

Why do I pick the rubbish up and put it in a nearby bin, because I want to make a difference, and I care, because I want to set an example, because I become lessself-focused, because it one of the many things I do that make me feel good, and because I am creating a beautiful relationship with one of the most precious parts of my life – the environment.

Besides a reflective and clear mind, there have been a few pleasantly uplifting hidden benefits of making the choice to pick up the carelessly discarded rubbish. By taking responsibility for keeping the environment clean, I feel empowered with the fact that I don’t need to wait for someone else to do it, or to influence me to do such an environmentally friendly task.

As I pick up the rubbish, I let go of any criticism I may have towards the people that left the rubbish. The criticisms do come, but I quickly let them go, because I have begun to see and realise that we are all the same; we all mirror one another. (see my Mirror, Mirror blog).

I replace any thoughts of criticisms, or righteousness, with ones of “I hope others see what I do and they in turn do the same”. This then becomes a humbling, ‘quiet achiever’, exercise.

Picking up rubbish has transformed my simple walk into one that is full of opportunities and insights.

As I let go of the common behaviour of blaming others or waiting for someone else to take action, I realise that all we need to do to create a better world is to simply let go of any thoughts of criticism and opinions, which in turn helps to offset the insatiable need for a belief. Without ‘right or wrong’ thoughts filling my head, I see how belief is such an integral part of why we suffer so much. The need to believe in something, adversely undermines confidence, inner peace and wellbeing.

To see all the many, and sometimes subtle forms of suffering, and then letting go of these thoughts that cause suffering, is a learned ability. Meditating and becoming spiritually conscious and aware is a positive step in enhancing this ability.

Keeping our environment clean is the responsibility of all, as is keeping our mind clear. A clear mind brings the clarity to see what we need to change to create a better world.

My books and Free eBooks all have the similar theme of creating clarity and awareness.