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The Conditions for Happiness

       Sometimes the situations we find ourselves in cause unhappiness, or do they? There was a situation I found myself in that seemed to cause me unhappiness, until I realised that it was my mind causing the unpleasant feeling. I simply then asked my mind a question, “What will make you happy”? The [...]

More Love, Less Stress.

  I have just made the choice of love, it changed my circumstances from one of dread and stress to one of freedom and joy. Love has such an attractive energy and it can change everything in our lives. Thoughts create our reality, they give us a perspective and emotions. Before a choice is made [...]

The Measure of Wealth

  The wealth of a nation seems so fragile with all the different ideas and opinions on what is the answer to a harmonious way of living. Political and economic analysts are very creative in ways of describing our present state and which is the way forward. Like a court battle over a deceased estate [...]

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Giving and Conscious Living.

Give and you shall receive.  What does it mean to give? Here is a meaning of the word to give. “Freely transfer the possession of (something) to (someone)”. I prefer to use the words “unconditionally and freely”. When we give are we truly giving or unconsciously expecting something in return? If there are subtle underlying [...]

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