About Stephen

Stephen is an author and founder of 'Love Meditation', and is passionate about teaching meditation and mindfulness and all the wonderful benefits that follow. He promotes through all media, including television, radio, editorials and magazine articles and through public speaking. His books “50 Steps to Freedom, a Personal Journey from Depression to Freedom” and "Self Love", and soon to be released, "The Reluctant Messenger", are a must for those with a strong desire to follow their heart.

Emotional Healing

There is a saying “heal yourself and you heal the world”. Emotions are a doorway into the healing potential of our mind, body and soul. They are a portal into our inner being and the unknown, and sometimes, untapped depths of the mind. An open mind is like an open book, if there is no [...]

Depression or Anxiety, what comes first ?

What comes first depression or anxiety? This is a question I asked my therapist when I was trying to come to terms with the confused feelings I was experiencing as I fell further into the melancholic state of depression. It was one of the many questions I wanted answers for to try to gain an [...]

Just Be

Just Be   Seeds planted some time ago, Urgings to live and be born, A will to breathe, a will to grow, Reasoning minds abound. Trees don’t question Nor do birds disrupt Flowers arranged in disarray, A beauty that requires nil. Heart’s calling is at its peak. Terrified minds object. Guided by seeing love from [...]

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The New Mind

Whether we perceive our life as the time from when we are conceived until the day we die, or a continuation of a previous life, or a heavenly soul that drifts from one body to the next in the search of a deeper meaning, or any of the many other perceptions that we hear of, [...]

The Measure of Wealth

  The wealth of a nation seems so fragile with all the different ideas and opinions on what is the answer to a harmonious way of living. Political and economic analysts are very creative in ways of describing our present state and which is the way forward. Like a court battle over a deceased estate [...]

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My Philosophy, Passion and the Community

How many opportunities do we miss in life? One of our greatest opportunities is the internal exploration of our deeper self. We have explored many frontiers, the frontier of the mind is the biggest adventure of them all. What will it take for us to create a better world, a world that works toward more [...]

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Music’s Caress

  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c8eTWlNwPvI   Our senses are filled with an abundance of creative potential that can be accessed in the blink of an eye. But we only tap into these uplifting parts of our being in minimal ways. Our senses can rejuvenate and transform our state of mind to heighten our awareness both internally and [...]

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Giving and Conscious Living.

Give and you shall receive.  What does it mean to give? Here is a meaning of the word to give. “Freely transfer the possession of (something) to (someone)”. I prefer to use the words “unconditionally and freely”. When we give are we truly giving or unconsciously expecting something in return? If there are subtle underlying [...]

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The goal of a committed spiritual journey is Enlightenment. To be enlightened means to live a life free of unnecessary suffering. One of the corner stones to reaching this goal is surrender. So what does it mean to surrender? It means to let go of control and just surrender to everything. Surrender to the good, [...]

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