Somebody, Anybody

          The other day I saw what looked like a somebody being filmed in a city cafe. I could not quiet recognise the somebody but that did not matter because I thought he must have been a somebody because of the attention he was getting. I noticed there was a lot of what you could call nobodies walking by but they did not stop to look at the somebody so I thought maybe the somebody is a nobody and the film crew were deceived into thinking that he was a somebody. After seeing this I wondered if it could be that among the nobodies there might be somebodies. This could be the case because the so called somebody started looking at the nobodies who went about doing whatever they were doing as if the somebody was not even there. It really got confusing when, what seemed to be a nobody, walked up to the somebody and started talking to him. The film crew then started to leave and the nobody and the somebody got up and walked among the rest of the nobodies. After all this I am determined in my quest to find out just what makes a somebody and what makes a nobody.

 There are times in everybody’s life that they feel like a nobody and it is in these times that shape who we want to be. In the effort to be a somebody I think a so called nobody creates many different masks. It is with these masks that can give us a false sense of being a somebody. It is great to feel like a somebody, you tend feel happy and spread this feeling among others, making them feel also like a somebody. So there is a need for us all to feel like a somebody and it is possible to have a real and true sense of self when you are a somebody without a mask. 

I have come to the basic conclusion that everybody and that could be anybody is somebody even though they may think they are a nobody. I may doubt this conclusion in the future, especially when I feel like a nobody, so I wonder if somebody, anybody, is out there that could help me with this. Anything and everything will help but that is only if we all do something about this now because if we do nothing, nothing will happen. 

Yours in the pursuit of Happiness.