About Stephen

Stephen is the founder of LOve Meditation which brings emotional freedom, clarity and inner peace to the spiritually aware. He is also an author, speaker, writer, Health Counsellor and fitness trainer. His passion is to help and support the spiritually aware end their search to find self-belief, self-love and a deep trust in themselves.

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One of Stephen’s other passions is to bring more awareness into, not only the stigma surrounding mental health, but more the understanding as to why their is a stigma. He presents at schools giving students an uplifting positive experience in understanding mental health issues. He consults on an individual level and also is a guest speaker.

He promotes through all media, including television, radio, editorials and magazine articles and through public speaking. His book “No Stone Unturned, The Path to Freedom” is an inspirational autobiography that blends ancient wisdom and philosophy with modern spirituality. It’s a must for those with a strong desire to follow their heart. Stephen’s also has free eBooks available.

Stephen lives with his partner, Dianne, in his home city of Sydney, Australia, and has two children and two grandchildren. He is a songwriter and a playwright. One of his plays, Emo Class, he aspires to make into a production to tour schools with the hope that it will teach children about the gift of emotions.

Stephen is a living example of inner transformation and an inspiration to anyone who has struggled with depression. His book stands as testimony that, with commitment and perseverance, we can all find the joy and fulfilment we seek.

Isha Judd, humanitarian and bestselling author of Why Walk When You Can Fly?