Love Meditation Tips

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Here are four simple transforming steps of a daily lifestyle practice.

1 – Feel.

Feel everything and be aware of how much you judge and suppress your emotions. Emotions are a precious, mainly underused, gift. Our thoughts evoke strong negative emotions which need to be felt and moved from the body, otherwise they become lodged in the body, only to be activated at a later stage in the form of depression, anxiety, rage, illness and more. To move means to either talk, text, journal, or email about what is happening to you. Then move the emotion physically, cry, hit a pillow or silent scream. You will feel more at peace by moving the emotions, and you will create the clarity for your true talents and purpose to emerge.

2 – Heal. It is important to have a strong intention to heal. Heal all your relationships. Heal the separation you unconsciously have from your true nature (being hard on yourself is the best example of this separation.) We slowly became separate from the joy and freedom we naturally had as a child, now as adults we can consciously heal that. Heal your relationship with others and the environment. This all helps to heal stress and your physical health as well (a nice bonus, hey).

3 – Let Go.

Create the ability to watch your thoughts, and if certain thoughts create suffering for you and others, let them go. (Putting a nice mantra in place of them works like a charm. There is added section below on meditation that will help you.) If your thoughts keep evoking strong emotions and you cannot let them go, this is suffering, so you may need to move the emotion again. You will gain a balance over time as you sharpen the observation of your thoughts and the way you move your emotions. Letting go of the thoughts that cause you to suffer will then become easier.

4 – Love.

Love yourself, love others, love nature, love what you are doing in each moment. (even when your mind says, ‘I hate this, I am bored, I want something more, why has that person got a better life, I wish I had more’, etc, this is all suffering, so let these thoughts go). Choose for love constantly in whatever you are doing. Try it and see what happens. This choice can take time to be fully appreciated. Again, by experience, you will find a balance. Here is a nice meaning and purpose for life.
“I am here to learn and love”. (simple, hey)

Meditation can be more than sitting still in silence. It can be the interaction with others. The expansion of your independence is a form of meditating (and crucial for world harmony). If you are very active, whatever you are doing can be like meditating, so long as you are aware of that. (mantras help here). Feeling all your emotions is like meditating, even when we are busy at work, having a mantra helps, like, “my job is perfect”, (which means it brings you the funds to enjoy life that little bit more – like buying your favourite chocolate, or a house; the chocolate is less stressful). These can all be done with your eyes opened. Here is a simple mantra you can use throughout the day, “Love is my life”.

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No matter what daily ritual or spiritual practice you have chosen, there can be doubts about whether what you are doing is working or not and you may feel stuck and even anxious. Here are some simple tips and truths to help you when this happens.

  • When you begin a spiritual journey, even though it may not feel like it, you are always growing in consciousness and inner awareness.

  • Treat every situation as an opportunity to grow.

  • Stay focussed on what you want, spiritually and emotionally.

  • Keep this focus as your main intention in what ever you are doing.

  • Create a deep level of self-belief and trust.

  • Have a practice that you enjoy and resonates with you.

  • Try not to become codependent on the teacher and/or the teachings, it is important that you learn through lived experiences and not just knowledge.

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As you evolve in Love Meditation, all of this will become your reality.

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