Whether we perceive our life as the time from when we are conceived until the day we die, or a continuation of a previous life, or a heavenly soul that drifts from one body to the next in the search of a deeper meaning, or any of the many other perceptions that we hear of, the simple fact is that right here in this moment we can make the choice of how we want our existence to play out in the game of life.

From when we are born we begin to create what we need and how we perceive and function in the world we enter into. We have natural instincts that flow in the need to be nurtured. It is how we are nurtured and how our needs were met that shape how our minds develop. Our thoughts and emotions then follow in a kaleidoscope of memories and experiences.

The mind takes on a survival and coping job as we absorb the world around us. It then shapes our own wonderfully unique personalities. The affect that the nurturing has on us and the way the fulfilment of our needs is carried out can only be conceptualised by the individual. This is a subject that has been, and will be debated about indefinitely in a mountain of ideas and opinions. The one unquestionable fact that ensues is that the mind becomes a growing influence of how we live.

The mind can be a wonderful instrument that guides us in caring ways or it can be a self-destructive nemesis that keeps perpetuating the same undesirable scenarios that lead to negative dramas and suffering. In whatever way it affects us we can treat the mind as a friend or foe, but firstly it is important to gain a level of internal, alert and attentive consciousness to see how deeply it affects our choices and actions. This consciousness or awareness gives us the ability to see how deeply our habitual patterns, that we have developed from birth, influence our lives. Without this level of consciousness our minds will continue to play out the role of survival and will dominate nearly every aspect of our lives. Thankfully there is a part of us that sits silently in the background of existence gently nurturing us at certain uplifting times. This nourishing part of us is our heart.

Our emotions are a defining product of our personalities and they are a precious inherent gift to be appreciated in every moment. They can be felt in a multitude of expressions and some can overly dominate and manifest in destructive ways. When the primordial instinct of fear is intertwined with the emotion of fear it can be a lethal combination that can lead to the projection into the future and unwanted anxiety. We all need a sustaining degree of a coping mechanism when this combination occurs and it is one of the ways the mind can begin to fill the role of complete domination. Basically it is doing the important job of survival. With a growing level of alert and inner consciousness we can see where this domination can lead us to suffer unnecessarily. All that’s needed is a committed approach to end this unnecessary suffering.

Pain and suffering are inevitable, but unnecessary or lingering suffering can be a choice. It is a choice that will be heavily influenced by the ever controlling mind. If we see clearly how the mind plays out this dominant role we can begin to change and make the choices that bring what we all want, love, peace and joy. We can begin to create a new mind. We can use its infinite power to become the creator of all our dreams and desires in a life’s purpose of thriving and not just surviving.

Like the old mind the new mind takes time to develop but we can be encouraged knowing that it can enhance our ability to let go of the past and help us secure a firm foothold in the present where future projected anxieties don’t exist. It can direct us with enlightened choices that are made for the good of all. It can help the way we express ourselves to enhance healthier relationships. It can help change the old destructive patterns of the past into newer ones that serve us in achieving all our goals. It can break through the fear driven boundaries that were set by the old mind.  It can revel in a newfound explosion of creativity. It can blend in a harmonious state of unity with the heart and bring answers to any lingering questions that cause confusion.

It can help us understand why there are deeper places within us that reek of evil and hate and at the same time it can give us the courage to explore these places and then choose for the opposites of good and love. It can give us the focus to forever move toward what we truly want. It can flourish as it coalesces with an expanded inner consciousness to offset the thoughts that cause us to suffer. It can disect these thoughts to show us how impermanent everything external really is and this will help to place less importance on time, money, work and image. It can respond to, and negate, self-sabotaging thoughts with ever increasing enthusiasm as it experiences the pleasure and lightness of pure joy. And above all the new mind can guide us toward the wondrous healing power of love.