Health and Fitness

Stephen Connor

In today’s world most people know enough about health and fitness. Nearly everyone is concerned about their health and know that exercise plays a major factor in optimal health. But why do very few people do anything about it? The simple answer is choice. The complicated part comes in understanding why this happens.

Choice is something we do every day. Exercising and eating nutritional foods is what we need to do every day for better health and fitness. When you become clearer in all your choices, the choice to live a healthier life becomes easier as well. Clarity comes when you release your emotional baggage to make way to a more consciously aware person. You gain the ability to let go of the thoughts that keep you stuck on the lounge and ordering pizza instead of getting out in the sunshine and making a delicious meal after some exercise.

I like to adopt an holistic approach to a person’s well being, so I incorporate exercise and a healthier diet in my client’s regimes toward a happier and full life.

I offer free exercise programs for those that sign up for one of my coaching programs. Please contact me for more information.

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